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October 05, 2005

Aftelier Solid Perfumes: Licorice and Jasmine


Used for centuries in China and ancient Greece, licorice is a scent that vacillates between sweet and cool, creating a sensation of an ice cube sliding across hot skin. Sweetness of anise laced with spicy greenness is accented by warm and delicately earthy vanilla. Licorice teases with its subtle spice and luscious vanilla notes.

Jasmine solid perfume opens with a tart note of pink grapefruit and sweetness of orange, which are a nice counterpoint to the lush opulence of jasmine. Amplifying its fruity facets, citrus creates a scintillating burst, given the presence of aldehydes in its oils. The solid perfume melds into the skin creating a gentle veil of sparkling jasmine.

While Licorice and Jasmine make for lovely fragrances on their own, layered together, they are beautiful. Licorice, with its dark balsamic vanilla layered against the delicately spicy backdrop of anise, is perfect for softening the indolic richness of jasmine. The effect is comforting and relaxing, akin to slipping into a silk robe. As other Aftelier solid perfumes, they have a soft gentle character, staying close to the skin. The effect makes solid perfumes very intimate and seductive. One needs to get quite close to get a whiff.

All Aftelier solid fragrances are made in an organic, unfiltered beeswax and jojoba oil base. The fragrances and samples are available directly from Aftelier Perfumes.



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