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January 02, 2006

Perfume Review: Annick Goutal Songes


Songes by Annick Goutal... Dreams is what every new year begins with… Dreams that one has a chance to travel to a new place, to discover new things, to meet new people and to change one’s own shortcomings. The very word—dreams, songes, sogni, mechty, or whatever other language one uses—has a character of something ethereal and yet intoxicating, capturing a moment of complete oblivion. Annick Goutal Songes is appropriately named, because losing oneself in its warm cloud of white jasmine delicately supported by the sweet woods is not unlike being in a dream-like state, when the whole world is submerged in the haze of intense contemplation.

Some of Annick Goutal fragrances are all about subtlety and perhaps too much so, from the transparent green freshness of Duel and the rainwater on violets of Eau de Ciel to the overly delicate whisper of Mandragore. However, Songes is unlike anything in the line, as it possesses a certain full-bodied richness that speaks of seduction and enchantment. The multifaceted top accord structured around jasmine breaks as if into the peals of bells. ...

Beautiful jasmine is a wondrous scent that weaves in the green sparkle with the banana jam sweetness and the indolic richness. Yet, while indolic might mean putrid, which it is in high concentrations, in low concentrations as in Songes--just like one might experience smelling real jasmine flowers--indole is a gentle floral.

The jasmine petal flurry settles into the deliciously creamy heart of such delicate softness that if it were a cashmere wrap, one would be able to pull it easily through the wedding ring. Wrapped into the dark fold of rosy sandalwood and smoky vanilla, the jasmine is like a milky ganache concealed under the meltingly tender shell of dark chocolate. The whiteness of florals accented by a subtle smoky touch darkens slowly revealing the woody base that orchestrates the sweet, musky and powdery voices into a harmonious melody.

While possessing the translucence that Isabelle Doyen bestowed on her other creations for Annick Goutal, the composition retains richness. If it were a dream, it would absorb one completely into another universe. If it were a vision, it would disarm. As a scent, Songes enchants and comforts in a delightfully seductive manner.

This review is of the EDT. The EDP is heavier on vanilla and sweeter. My own preference is for the EDP, since I prefer its fullbodied richness. Songes is set to be released in January of 2006, and it will be available at Annick Goutal boutiques as well as the retailers carrying the line.

Painting: Henri Matisse. From Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit titled "The Fabric of Dreams."

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