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February 19, 2007

Rose Absolu by Yves Rocher : Fragrance Review


Some of my experiences with Yves Rocher have been rather disappointing— Pur Désir de Lavande was rather insipid, Gardenia and Lily were quite removed from the flowers that inspired them. In this light, I was not prepared for the loveliness of Rose Absolu. Not only is it an elegant rose with gourmand touches, but also a fragrance marked by the kind of quality that I miss in the latest prestige launches. Created by the talented perfumer Christine Nagel (Fendi Theorema, Lancôme Mille et Une Roses, Narciso Rodriguez for Her) in 2008, Rose Absolu from Secrets d’Essences will be a wonderful discovery for any rose lover.

The composition is marked by the ambery and fruity warmth of rose, its velvety softness accented with an oriental touch. Although Rose Absolu has a classical rose character, it is also quite a modern rendition. The roses are rendered in vivid and rich hues. At one point, I am reminded of rose jam—crystallized petals suspended in translucent honey; however, the woody notes temper the gourmand sweetness. A dark note of patchouli colours the rose bouquet in even deeper hues. As a result, Rose Absolu never loses its sophisticated aura, even if it is lighthearted and vivacious.

Contrary to many modern florals, Rose Absolu possesses a plush quality. It is a heavy silk, rather than a nylon blend. It is warmer and softer than classical rose themes like Stella McCartney Stella and sweeter than Les Parfums de Rosine Ecume de Rose. The oriental motif lends an appealing twist. Pretty and easy-to-wear, Rose Absolu nevertheless has a distinctive personality.

Secrets d’Essences Rose Absolu is available in the Eau de Parfum and Parfum concentrations, both of which are excellent. The tenacity is exceptional, with a lovely sillage (trail left in the wake of perfume wearer), much like that of Nagel’s other creations. Rose Absolu contains cinnamon, Bulgarian rose, Moroccan rose, Turkish rose, patchouli, and tonka beans. It is available from Yves Rocher UK. It should be launched on the Yves Rocher US website in the future.



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