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December 10, 2011

Weekend Cooking and Reading

Cold evenings make me crave ambery perfumes and rich flavors. Tonight I made Shirin Plov, a Persian style sweet and savory pilaf with apricots, rosewater and saffron, which goes perfectly with grilled meat or chicken. Today, I felt that it needed no accompaniment, other than salad and soup.

While browsing online, I found a few articles that I would like to share with you.

Frankincense Fit for a King (One, Anyway): how to grow frankincense at home, something that I would like to do.

The New Spanish Scent That's Good Enough to Eat: about Núvol di Llimona ("Lemon Cloud") perfume that was created by Jordi Roca, pastry chef at Cellar de Can Roca, one of Spain's most acclaimed restaurants. "Jordi has already made a name for himself creating desserts that taste like many well-known fragrances smell. Now he's taken that talent out of the kitchen and given it a twist, by inventing a perfume that smells like one of his desserts taste."

Cilantro Haters, It is Not Your Fault: Harold McGee, a food science expert, explains why some people dislike the flavor of cilantro (hint: it has to do with aldehydes!)

Related is Harold McGee's 'Keys To Good Cooking' For Chefs, a thorough review of McGee's latest book release, which has a whole chapter on scents and flavors.

DIY Edible Holiday Gifts from Saveur: holiday appropriate post from Saveur, my favorite food publication.

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