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Chandler Burr's The Art of Scent Exhibit Opening

April 04, 2012

The Museum of Art and Design in New York and its Curator of Olfactory Art Chandler Burr are going to present their first exhibit The Art of Scent starting November 13, 2012. The exhibit will run till January 13 2013. The components of the exhibit are currently being developed.

 As was announced previously in the MAD press release, “the first exhibition planned, The Art of Scent, 1889-2011, will allow visitors to experience ten seminal works by some of the greatest scent artists of the late-19th, 20th and early-21st centuries.”

FiFi Hall of Fame Award 2012 : Gabrielle Coco Chanel

April 03, 2012


The Fragrance Foundation has announced that Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel will be inducted into The 2012 FiFi Hall of Fame during the FiFi Awards on Monday May 21st.  As the Fragrance Foundation explains, "The FiFi® Hall of Fame award is voted on by the Foundation’s Board of Directors and is presented to an individual who has brought extraordinary ingenuity, creativity, dedication and inner resources to bear, not only to their company’s success but to the fragrance industry as a whole."

" 'It is quite astonishing that in the year 2012, a fragrance introduced in 1921 and simply named Chanel No 5, prevails as one of the most enduring and iconic symbols of style, elegance and modern scent creativity the world has ever known,' says Jill Belasco, Chair of The Fragrance Foundation.'Chanel fragrances have reached near mythical status thanks to the vision of Coco Chanel, her enduring commitment to in-house master perfumery and an uncompromising commitment to luxury and quality. To this day, men and women everywhere delight in wearing fragrances marked by the entwined double C’s of Chanel.' "

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of The FiFi Awards.

Via press release   


Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme : Perfume News

March 29, 2012


Chanel is introducing a new flanker on Allure Homme, Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme. It is described by Chanel as "an aromatic musk cologne" with notes of mandarin, cypress, spearmint, clary sage, white musk accord, tonka bean, cedarwood, sandalwood, and black pepper.

"True to its origins, EAU EXTRÊME takes its cue from ALLURE HOMME SPORT but has a decidedly more aromatic personality. Launched in 2004, ALLURE HOMME SPORT EAU DE TOILETTE captures all of the elements of a body in motion. In 2012, ALLURE HOMME SPORT is pushing a new boundary with EAU EXTRÊME. With a composition of exhilarating sensations, the new sporty, edgy, avant-garde scent appeals to risk-takers and adrenaline seekers.

Mint kicks things off from the very first note, along with refreshing of Sicilian Mandarin rind and Moroccan Cypress. The impression is as icy as the chill that runs down the spine just before taking a leap. Discreet but present, Clary Sage adds a touch of warmth, an almost amber plant-like sensuality. While not as spicy as ALLURE HOMME SPORT, the composition nevertheless calls upon Black Pepper from Madagascar, suggesting a muted, rhythmic beat that resonates in the chest. Then comes the big moment: a White Musk accord selected by CHANEL Master Perfumer Jacques Polge for its cottony soft and subtly animal intonations. And above all, the round, almondy note of Tonka Bean is used to create intensity. Cedar, a conserved note from ALLURE HOMME SPORT, plays a supporting role of pure strength in a straight line underscored by milky Sandalwood. One thing is for certain: ALLURE HOMME SPORT EAU EXTRÊME gives a fresh boost on the skin."

Via press release


Aedes de Venustas Signature Eau de Parfum : New Fragrance

March 28, 2012

New York based perfume boutique Aedes de Venustas is releasing a fragrance under its own brand name. Aedes de Venustas Signature Eau de Parfum is composed by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, and Duchaufour's words, it is an olfactory reflection of the boutique. "The Aedes de Venustas world is a world of luxury, of quality; simultaneously opulent and baroque yet decadent in a way that is refined. This is reflected in the store’s interior; purple, red and aubergine colors, shimmering and iridescent tones like those found in peacock feathers, and textures expressed in velvet, angel skin like silk, taffetas and brocades." In 2009 Aedes de Venustas collaborated with L'Artisan Parfumeur on Aedes de Venustas perfume, also created by Duchaufour. The previous fragrance was a smoky incense composition. 

The fragrance includes notes of rhubarb, tomato leaf, red-currant, honeysuckle, vetiver, hazelnut, and incense. "The construction is round, luxurious, voluptuous and addictive. The scent’s chypre character is pierced at its center with the ephemeral green freshness of rhubarb accord; the axis around which the fragrance revolves, like the wearer emanating its memorable sillage. Embodied and embodying; Aedes de Venustas Signature Eau de Parfum is the past, present and future of perfumery in simultaneous revolution."  

Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum (3.4oz/100ml - $225). There is also soap (9 oz/250gm - $35). Via press release

Basenotes Reader Awards 2012 Winners

March 23, 2012


I always look forward to the results of the Basenotes Reader Awards. They inspire me to try fragrances I wouldn't have thought of seeking out.  So, I'm off to smell Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane.

Best New Fragrance for Women

Bottega Veneta [Coty]

Best New Fragrance for Men

Royal Oud : Creed

Best Fragrance Flanker 2011

A*Men Pure Havane : Thierry Mugler [Groupe Clarins]

Classic (Women's)

Opium : Yves Saint Laurent

Classic (Men's)

Terre d'Hermes : Hermes

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